About US

Founded by brothers Wilfredo and Juan Villanueva in 2003, MyHardwoodFloors has grown from a small family enterprise by sticking close to their core values: providing highest quality installation and making customer satisfaction the first priority.

Juan, Wilfredo, and later their brother Darwin and father Angel, along with the rest of their team, have worked hard to build a reputation of trust and quality. Juan, who heads up the installation side of the business, had many years experience crafting hardwood floors with other builders before teaming up with his brother. Wilfredo, who manages marketing and sales, embraced the American dream of starting a company and convinced Juan to strike out on their own. Together they have grown the company to continued strong success.

“We emphasize our responsibility to the customer,” Wilfredo says. “If a customer calls after the job is done, we go back and make it right. We take responsibility. This is what has made us successful.” The hundreds of satisfied MyHardwoodFloors customers can testify to that.

We are known for meticulous craftsmanship and superior customer service.

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