Dustless Sanding

Dustless Sanding

The newest innovation in preparing hardwood for refinishing makes so much sense, it’s amazing that anyone does it the old way anymore. Villanueva, Inc. is proud to offer only dustless sanding to its customers with its Oneida-Vac equipment.

The Old Fashioned Way Doesn’t Cut It

Traditional hardwood floor sanding is an extremely dusty process. It creates a dust storm of sanded material in your home. The dust lingers in air ducts and presents a clean-up headache that feels like it will never end. Also, dust can permanently damage sensitive and expensive household electronics such as computers, peripherals, stereos, and home theater equipment.

Key Benefits to Dustless Sanding

  • The resulting finish comes out much smoother. Because there are no airborne particles to settle on the finish, floors are clean and free from imperfection.
  • All of the sanding debris is completely taken out of the house as the floors are being done, providing significant environmental benefits. With no particles flying, it’s more healthy for everyone, including pets and small children.
  • The separation of material happens at the cyclone on the flooring machine. This makes it easy for the vacuum to carry away the waste material.
  • Sanding can be done over long distances, since Oneida Vac allows for up to 70 feet of hose for a sanding project. The vacuum pump and dust drum is placed right in the hallways, the garage or outdoors.
  • Because dustless sanding is so labor saving, the Myhardwoodfloors.com crew spends much more time on the refinishing itself, rather than on cleanup. They can much more thorough on the part that matters than non-dustless competitors.
  • Combustible airborne residue from sanding can ignite from a spark. Dustless sanding prevents the danger of excessive airborne particles catching fire.

Don’t settle for the old ways and risk ruining your property. Insist on dustless sanding for your next refinish or installation. Contact MyHardwoodFloors today to get your floors finished the right way.

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